Resonate enables you

to resolve and move forward

Judge Rau is an experienced trial judge with a long track record of fairness and success at resolving difficult cases.  Resonate helps you reach satisfying conclusions sooner for you and your clients.


“I cannot thank [Judge Rau] enough for [her] patience and foresight in enabling the parties to reach a resolution in this most interesting case that certainly raised some unique issues I have never before encountered!  I have no doubt in my mind that [Judge Rau was] the perfect mediator for this case and I don’t believe others could have fostered such a peaceful resolution.”

Defense Counsel – Professional Medical Liability – In-Person


“Judge Rau was clearly dedicated to not only getting the case resolved, but also ensuring our clients would look back positively on the experience of the mediation. Her genuine compassion for our clients and their difficult circumstances came across through every step of the process. She is willing to work hard and offer creative ways to help the parties reach a resolution.”

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Professional Medical Liability – In-Person


“Judge Rau is an absolute pleasure to work with and takes a comprehensive approach that leaves all parties feeling as though she is truly invested in helping them to reach a resolution.  She thoroughly prepared and employed a pre-mediation conference with the attorneys that I found extremely helpful to setting the process up for success.  I would highly recommend her as a mediator, especially for cases that may be more challenging to resolve because she will put the time and effort in to get it done.”

Defense Counsel – Professional Medical Liability – Remote


Approach to Mediation

Judge Rau believes that with a skilled mediator, the parties and their counsel are better equipped to craft a resolution to their case than a jury of strangers who are not impacted by the case, have less time and information, and whose decision always leaves someone disappointed. Judge Rau engages all parties as active participants to craft satisfying resolutions, end years of litigation, and move beyond the dispute.

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