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The courts are slowly reopening with social distancing requirements. Courtroom jury trials are delayed for how long? When the courts resume jury trials, they may proceed at a slower pace with social distancing and masking requirements. Or they may proceed online. Cases will be backlogged. Your client wants a jury trial now. Why wait? Judge Rau (Ret.) offers a new solution. Judge Rau presides over a private online jury trial. Counsel try their case online  to a jury. The jury deliberates in an online private jury room and renders a final and binding verdict.


Resonate partners with an experienced jury research firm to provide paid real and independent jurors from the appropriate jurisdiction. Counsel screen and select jurors. Judge Rau rules in advance on important pretrial legal issues, oversees jury selection, ensures the law is followed, and presides over the trial.


Control when and how your case is resolved. Try your case remotely on your schedule. Parties decide whether to have a traditional trial or customize a streamlined trial to focus issues, save time, and cut costs.


Resonate will get you a jury verdict that is quick and final.

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Resonate matches courtroom jury trials by having a fair, experienced trial judge preside over a private online trial before jurors you select who render a final binding verdict. Why wait? Try your jury trial now with Resonate!