Services as unique as your clients’ needs.

We offer fair and efficient solutions at every stage of dispute resolution.

Case Analysis

Have your case analyzed by a former judge with extensive jury trial experience to honestly assess strengths and weaknesses. Case analysis is useful whether you are evaluating resolution through mediation, arbitration, or proceeding to trial.

Discovery Disputes

Gain thoughtful and considered analysis of discovery issues with a former trial judge experienced with complex discovery problems and familiar with the courts. As Team Leader, Judge Rau presided over all discovery of major civil trials on her team.

Online Trial Preparation

Judge Rau has been on the forefront of helping lawyers and judges transition to online trials through her work with the Online Courtroom Project, a group of national experts who are monitoring and recommending best practices for online jury or nonjury trials.  Judge Rau advises counsel in how to translate their legal talent gained from in-person courtroom performances to the new online screen platform by sharing the latest online trial methods being used nationally.  Do not let the pandemic infect your effectiveness in telling your client’s story.

Mock Trials

Explore your case by having an experienced former trial judge preside over a mock trial, with or without jurors, and receive invaluable insight following the trial through interviews and feedback.

Online Private Jury Trials

Resonate offers a new alternative dispute resolution service: private online jury trials, which combine features of courtroom jury trials, mock trials, and arbitrations.  Judge Rau presides, rules on pretrial issues, oversees jury selection, makes evidentiary rulings, and ensures the law is followed.  Parties choose their own date and customize their trial to create their own efficiencies.  Randomly selected citizen jurors render a final binding decision.  

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