Trials are risky.

Mediate to retain more control.

Experienced, effective, and efficient.

Judge Rau’s track record for resolving cases makes Resonate an easy choice for difficult disputes. She combines a unique and tested mediation method with extensive courtroom experience to reach agreeable resolutions.


Judge Rau’s resume is unmatched in terms of her recent judicial experience, expertise in mediation, and educational background.


Even if earlier efforts to settle did not work, Resonate’s creative approach enables parties to successfully resolve their cases.


Disputes often need to be settled at inconvenient times. At Resonate, Judge Rau believes in being responsive during days and hours when others may not be.

Approach to

Judge Rau believes that with a skilled mediator, the parties and their counsel are better equipped to craft a resolution to their case than a jury of strangers who are not impacted by the case, have less time and information, and whose decision always leaves someone disappointed. Judge Rau engages all parties as active participants to craft satisfying resolutions, end years of litigation, and move beyond the dispute.