Arbitration with Resonate–

A better alternative to the courtroom

Arbitrations are streamlined trials with a decision maker you choose. If you have been unable to reach a resolution and don’t want to gamble with the unpredictability, expense and delay of the courtroom, Resonate may be a desirable alternative. Judge Lisa Rau’s reputation and courtroom record provide the reassurance you need of getting a fair and final outcome on your schedule.


Judge Rau knows and follows the law and outlines the reasons for her decisions.


You control how, when, and who resolves your dispute.


Have your dispute decided in a faster, cheaper, and final way.

Resonate enables you

to move forward

By presenting your case to Judge Rau who is an experienced trial judge with a long track record of fairness, Resonate helps you reach satisfying conclusions sooner for you and your clients.