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What We Do

At Resonate, Judge Lisa Rau works to resolve even the most complex and entrenched civil disputes by actively engaging counsel and parties, examining the underlying issues, and applying unmatched experience and expertise.



to relate harmoniously, strike a chord; to achieve a single lasting sound.

Within the music world, it takes sophistication and talent to harmonize distinct sounds. When musical resonance is achieved, it is self-perpetuating and produces something more from objects that existed separately.


At Resonate, we help parties work through the discord of their dispute to craft a harmonious and lasting resolution.

Resonate’s Story

After presiding over trials for years, Judge Rau realized that the delay, expense, extended acrimony, and risk of litigation intensified the initial dispute and often damaged the parties. Judge Rau saw firsthand that when parties resolved their cases through mediation with their counsels' guidance and a skilled mediator, they were usually more satisfied and often reached better resolutions than those who went to trial.  This revelation led Judge Rau to leave the bench to use her experience to mediate and arbitrate cases to achieve swifter, cheaper, and more satisfying resolutions.  Judge Rau established Resonate Mediation and Arbitration just 3 months before the pandemic fundamentally changed the legal practice, and slowed down the courts.  Judge Rau mediated and arbitrated cases online throughout the pandemic and has recently returned to in-person proceedings for those who prefer.


Successful Resolutions

On Your Schedule

Resonate currently is offering both in-person and online mediations, arbitrations, and other services depending upon the preference of the parties.  Do not wait, resolve your client’s case with Resonate.

Mediate on the eve of trial if that is when the parties are finally interested.  Resonate recognizes that people often change their perspective at late stages and accommodates evening and weekend mediations.  Resonate uses a flat fee pricing structure that enables people to predict the cost of services with certainty rather than getting surprised later with additional bills reflecting preparation time.